About Us

For the last 10 years of our company history, we faced many challenges yet achieved great accomplishments. With the accelerating development of communication and information technology revolution, businesses adaptability is going to be greatly governed by the flexibility to needs changing market needs.
We in Samad global continuously monitor the business environmental changes locally and internationally to censor the upcoming challenges as well as available trinities in order to strengthen the internal structure of corporations and companies. We always take into account the limited timeframe within which we need to excel to provide our clients services so that they stay frontiers in their businesses. What we have accumulated in terms of information technology knowledge and experiences in the research and development of electronics and communications will be the core energy today future we aspire for that indeed will serve the national economy by the locally developed yet internationally calibrated Omani expertise.
One of the important pillars of our expansion is the provision of the appropriate environment to enable research operations and developments directly taken from simulation and experimental labs. We also take human resources development and its optimal work environment very seriously taken into account the importance of availability of communication infrastructure such as roads, communication networks and other supportive services. Accordingly, AL Marifa oasis is the best designation avenue of our projects and investment. The following pages contain a brief account of our project, its stages of development and projected expansion plan summarizing cost-effectiveness analysis based on the market dimensions and the expected future forecasting.

Our Mission

Samad global thrives to spread community well-being through the provision of daily emissions that are perceived to be difficult in a very entertaining and easy manner. We also support individuals to safely and securely use technologies. By creating job opportunities as well as provide incentives to Omani ambitious youngsters, we participate in the enrichment of our community.

Our Vission

Samad global aims to be an important fundamental partner in the process of technical solution provision process within the national information technology community. We are aiming as creating an important contributor amongst other technical entities that provide the community with outstanding technical solutions and smart managerial systems. We aim to outshine in the important aspects of the best of art services presentation as well as other aspects of quality of services including support.